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In his professional life Dr. S. David Webb is Distinguished Research Professor of Geology and Zoology recently retired from the University of Florida. His primary research and publications features fossil vertebrates, which he has studied and collected on every continent except Antarctica.

He received his degrees from Cornell and Berkeley and has taught earth and life sciences at Berkeley, University of Florida, and Yale University. He is currently a research associate of the Museum of the Rockies and curator emeritus at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

David's career in natural history grew naturally out of his lifelong love of nature.

Dr. Barbara Webb has been a horse enthusiast all of her life.

She has 30 years of experience handling horses. Barbara has trained many young horses, taught many students to ride, judged many horse shows all over the country, and loves to ride and show her own horses.

She has run a very successful horse boarding business in Florida.

Barbara believes that when horses are in your care, their well-being comes first.

She loves to trail ride and is looking forward to acting as guide for visitors that want to enjoy nature on horseback. Barbara owns several horses that are all seasoned mountain travelers. These horses would be available to experienced horseman for trail rides.